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January 23, 2017

Trendy + Fabulous Lake Tahoe Wedding Favors for 2017

As we gear up for another fantastic wedding season, I can’t help but get incredibly giddy about all the pretty little details that surround a couple’s special day. One of those details are the favors that a couple gifts to their guests at the end of the evening. Although I’m the first to say that not all favors are good favors, I’m certainly a fan of wedding favors that don’t contribute to vast amounts of waste at the end of the evening. When these small gifts can be eco-friendly and trendy at the same time, it’s a win for everyone. For some inspiration for your own Lake Tahoe wedding favors, take a peek at some of my favorite ideas below.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Favors

Of the Earth

What says “Thanks for attending our beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding” more than a gift your guests can take home and plant directly into their backyard. Seeds and saplings are a great way to add color, reduce waste and promote the beautifying of our planet.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Favors

Nibbles + Treats

I love the idea of guests taking home something that they can put together later – like your favorite cookie recipe or a special spice that you love to cook with yourself. Individual champagne bottles are another fantastic option for guests to toast in your honor when they get home!

Lake Tahoe Wedding Favors

Keep Cozy

Providing flannel blankets for cooler nights are a Tahoe wedding staple. They’re a fantastic gift for guests to take home at the end of the night. I’m also a fan of gifting your guests coffee beans from a favorite tropical vacation spot.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Favors

Beauty Products

Enhance your wedding colorscape by adding a wedding smell. How many weddings have attended lately that have their own scent? Guests can take your wedding scent home in the form of adorable soaps or small

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