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December 6, 2016

A Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner

On this blustery December morning, I thought I would fill my Tuesday with a blog post about yours truly and how I got my start in this wonderful industry of wedding and event planning. My name is Kyleigh and I am a Lake Tahoe wedding planner, the owner of Audere Events.

A Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner

I got my start in the event and wedding industry when I was 19. It started as a summer job, to fill my weekends with while in between the spring and fall semesters. I was working a gorgeous mountain lodge, which was also owned by another event company in the area. Pretty soon I was floating back and forth between mountain weddings at the lodge and weddings on the lake.

Production days were my favorite. I loved walking in to a massive empty space at ridiculously early hours of the morning and knowing that by early afternoon, it would look like an entirely different space. I loved the feeling of accomplishment, when a completely ordinary space finally looked like something out of an extraordinary fairytale.

When that first summer was over, I chose to continue pursuing my degree in Psychology, with the addition of two minors in Business Administration and Communications. Coupled with my two years of work experience in weddings and events, I felt I had a well balanced education. After graduation, I took a position as a full time wedding planner in Truckee.

It seems silly to say but there was a fairly large world of difference between planning weddings as a venue coordinator, versus planning weddings as a wedding planner. Despite the initial learning curve, I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. I was helping couples, from start to finish, with the day that they would look back most fondly on. Helping them create memories and create something that was so uniquely them. I loved the emotions and reactions that I would see from my couples, as they day they had dreamed about had finally arrived.

It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to work alongside such wonderful people during such a joyous time in their lives. After five years of working as a Lake Tahoe wedding planner, I know that I have found my calling and I feel so grateful to have found it.