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November 22, 2016

How to Create the Raddest Welcome Bag for Your Tahoe Wedding 

Welcome bags are the best. They’re like a goody bag, before you even go to the party. It’s also a sweet and thoughtful way to add a few amenities to make their hotel stay a little nicer. It sets the tone and style for the weekend you’ve spent so long planning. After years of helping clients curate their versions of a rad welcome bag, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite things to see in those bags.

How to Create the Best Welcome Bag for Your Tahoe Wedding | Audere Events | Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner

Photo Credits: Stephanie Sterjovski, Unknown + Tec Petaja

A Reusable Tote

Eliminate unnecessary waste by springing for a cool bag that guests will be able to use again. The grocery store or lunch bags at work are all appropriate reuses for a bag monogrammed with “A ♥ K”.

Welcome Letter + Itinerary

Let your guests know how excited you are to see them and how meaningful it is to have them on the most important day of your life. It makes them feel comfortable and is such a thoughtful way to start their first impression of your wedding weekend. Wedding guests have a tendency to forget the little details; like what time the shuttles are picking everyone up or if the farewell brunch has a dress code. To resolve these little issues, as well as to acknowledge any last minute schedule changes, make it as easy for them as possible. Give them a very detailed weekend itinerary with very specific locations and times. Take this opportunity to remind them one last time to bring a sweater or leave their heels at the hotel.

Town Map + Highlights

If you’re not planning to host a rehearsal dinner or brunch for all guests to attend, be sure to make some pointed suggestions for meals, activities and things to see. You may have already provided this information to your guests on a wedding website, but it’s worth noting that people will definitely welcome the reminder.

Bottled Waters + Your Favorite Treat

Depending on where your guests might be staying for the weekend, you very well might want to include a couple bottles of water. No one wants to be paying a resort premium price of $5 per bottle. Either salty or sweet, include a portion sized version of your favorite gourmet snack for guests to indulge on before a meal or after the party.

Cocktail Kit + Hangover Kit

What better way to kick off the celebration than a mini cocktail kit? It’s such a fun way for guests to start the party a little early in their rooms as they get ready for your rehearsal dinner or welcome reception. But if you plan for guests to start the party early, you should also plan for when the party ends. Emergen-C, Aleve + Band-Aids will all be a welcome sight come morning, as your guests either get ready for the farewell brunch or to check out of their rooms.