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November 10, 2016

Swoon Worthy Boho Ceremony Arch Ideas

My favorite thing about wedding ceremony arches is that they can be as creative as you wish for them to be. In fact, the term ‘ceremony arch’ almost seems to be more of a very loose guideline. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical arch. It’s more of a ceremony backdrop, if you will. Something that will frame you and your partner, for those beautiful wedding blog worthy photos. I mean that’s really why we go to all the trouble to design something so beautiful and so unique, right? We want those breathtaking wedding blogs to feature our weddings after the vows so we can humble brag how beautiful our weddings are. While we all know that the end goal is a custom design, something  no one else has ever seen, it can sometimes take a moment to get inspired and find the direction you’re wanting to go. Whether you’ve found your design niche, or are still searching for your ‘aha’ moment, you can check out some of my favorite boho ceremony arch ideas below.

Boho Ceremony Arch Ideas | Audere Events | Lake Tahoe Wedding + Event Planner

Photo Credits: Erica Valesco Photo + The Amburgeys


I am obsessed with geometrical shapes. Just ask my fiancé – every nook and cranny in our home is currently covered with them. I love the idea of framing your ceremony with geometric shapes. Adding greenery, candles and pops of color helps soften the various angles, giving your final product some very boho vibes.

Boho Ceremony Arch Ideas | Audere Events | Lake Tahoe Wedding + Event Planner

Photo Credits: Kurt Boomer Photography + Jasmine Star


Fringe and macrame are classic boho elements and I love the texture that a good piece of fringe has to offer. Especially when it hangs at different levels like shown in the above images. Even if at an outdoor venue, bringing in natural elements like a wood frame or a garland of greenery keep the fabrics from looking out of place.

Boho Ceremony Arch Ideas | Audere Events | Lake Tahoe Wedding + Event Planner

Photo Credits: No Credit Available + Casey Fatchett Photography


The messy and organic nature of the pieces above can be described as the very definition of a ceremony backdrop. Loose greenery, accented with pops of floral color are the perfect touch to a very ethereal boho look. Whether you are inside or outside for your ceremony, a seemingly floating backdrop is surely something magical.

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