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October 24, 2016

Fresh Bridal Styles To Crush On | Mountain Modern Bridal Attire

Lace appliqué embellishments, dramatic backs with buttons and ties, crop tops, jumpsuits and skirts sooo dramatic that they make swooshing noises like you have never heard. It’s safe to say that 2016 might be my favorite year for bridal fashion yet. You may have heard that tradition doesn’t play as large of a role in weddings as it once did, and the evolution of wedding gowns reflects that wholeheartedly. Check out a few of my own favorite current bridal styles that are defying traditions.

Mountain Modern Bridal Attire | Graphic 1

Lace Appliqué

If you’ve not yet familiarized yourself with my new favorite designer, New Zealand based Rue de Seine, it’s probably time to get to know them. Their dresses are anything but traditional with their heavy influence from bohemian fashion.

Mountain Modern Bridal Attire | Audere Events | Lake Tahoe Wedding & Event PlannerJumpsuits

If you’re not a girly-girl or just hate wearing dresses, then the jumpsuit option is likely right up your alley. Jumpsuits are flirty, trendy and a perfect alternative for a modern bride who does not wish to be confined to a ballroom style skirt.

Two Piece Dresses

Also flirty and trendy, they are the best way to incorporate two totally different styles into one “dress”. Go all white for a monochromatic look, or bring in a pop of color for a combination with some personality. Currently, my favorite designer for all things color is Chantel Lauren, who actually hand paints her creation. How cool is that?

As a fellow bride who appreciates a little adventure in her closet, it’s easy to say how difficult the mountain modern bride has it. Despite so many amazing designs and styles to choose from, at least a difficult decision returns very stylish results.